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About Transsexual Dot Website

Since the dawn of time, (wo)mankind has yearned for a website that can speak to the experiences of gender people, whether they be transgendered, TVs, or the noted transsexual. This website is about bringing those experiences, and the wonderful woman-spirits who experience those experiences, to light. Whether our patented CUGIUTU gendertest for determining the true transsexual, articles on the most pressing issues (the surgery, gender clothing, Internet) facing the modern TransPerson, or humorous lists you can E-Mail your friends with most modern E-Mail clients, you can find it on Transsexual dot Website!

(This website is run by Lily Osler. I’m a trans girl in New York. Follow me on Twitter at @fake_minnesotan if you want. If you run across any truly atrocious Old Internet trans artifacts and, uh, are able to DM me on Twitter, please send them my way!)