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Thoughts on "Hormone"

As of this writing (January 2021), I have been on TransSexual Hormone Drugs for fourteen months. It has been a beautiful and exciting journey, and I would like to share with you some learnings from it. There are three things I want to tell you about, and they are listed below for your enjoyment.

1. It Is Not Instant. Before I went on hormone pills in October, 2019, I had no idea how long to expect to wait until blossoming (like a flower) into my Female Embodiment Self. Obviously, I had seen the warnings on popular Community Pages such as and that Hormones can take quite a while to convert one’s body into a Woman Form, but having seen all the Transgenders of the Week on various transperson Online Magazines, I wanted their beautiful transformations instantly! The entire first month, I asked my partner girlfriend (Sara M.) to reassure me that my faceshape was changing, that my Female Areas were increasing, and so forth. Oh, I did test her patience! And it was frustrating, because I could never notice a change between my waking in the morning and my drowsing off in the evening to dream of Gender, and I became convinced that the hormones did nothing.

If you choose to go on Female Hormone Pills, you should be aware that the changes take time. They will work, but your hopes of being a Gallery Gal for the International Transgendered Online Magazine are better saved for a year or two into your Gender Voyage.

2. But They Do Work! I did not notice that my female estrogen pills (hormones) were working until, all at once, I realized that my body and face had changed enormously. I was no longer the Independent Music Enthusiast boy I had appeared to be before; I was a normal, happy young woman, and everyone could see, and all this happened even though I could notice no changes from day to day.

Obviously, hormone therapy pills work differently on different persons (as Community Folk have it, “different cars get different mileage”), and I am lucky because I began my treatment at Twenty-Three Years of age. But I am amazed by how much estrogen-therapy has done for me. I have hips, breasts, and a face that is recognizably feminine, and I have not been “mistakenly gendered” in nearly a year. My body no longer looks anything like it did a year and a half ago, nor does my face, and for once, they feel and look like My Own.

A word of advice: to see the changes wrought by Estrogens, try to take at least one or two front-facing photos (the much-noted “Selfy”) each day, so that you may make comparisons as the months and years go on.

3. The “Brain Changes” Are Very Important. I was told many things about going on Estrogen before I began my transition (such as: the pills are made by horses, many persons such as Hunting Shafer and Contra Points are “on” estrogen, and you should not chew the pill like it is a Tums), but the thing I was not told about replacing my hormones with different hormones was that my brain’s patterns would become Better. Before I began taking Estro-Pills, I was always Depressed and was full of Anxiety, and I never felt like myself.

After many months, my anxiety has vanished faster than the anger over the Clinton impeachment, my depression can be managed, and I feel like a Full Person in a way I never did before I ate hormones. I cannot express how much better Hormone has made my life. It is like night and day (in that I am no longer asleep and it is warm and sunny now).

Not all Gender Enthusiasts feel a Brain-Switch upon starting medicine transition, but many do, and for me it was of more important than even The Breast’s Increase. Hormones are not just for the Body, they are for the Soul! Do not forget that.

- Web Master