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Trans Gender: Why??

Some thoughts on the Nature of Trans by Web Master

Being a woman of Twenty-Five Years Old, I have spent my entire lifetime on the World Wide Web, and much of that time visiting various Gender Web Sites. While I have nothing but respect and love for those brave souls who put together ‘Net Homes for us Trans back in the days before Kate Lynn Jennor “came out” and brought us into our current “TransGendered Tipping Place,” one thing I noticed about them as a child is that they placed a large emphasis on explaining The Why of Trans. As in: why are some People TransPeople and others are C. I. S. (Completely Identified with their birth-assigned Sex)?

At first glance, this seems an important Question. The condition of the TG/TV/CD/TS Community is precarious, in that there are not very many of us and C. I. S. Persons do not understand our Condition, and would it not make sense to explain Why Is Trans to a member of the C. I. S. (Representative Sonny Bono, Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal, or the like)?

And it might not be terribly difficult! As you see, a number of Medicine Doctors have conducted brain-scans on Trans-Identified persons, and their conclusions support the idea that the Brains of transpeople may have structures closer to that of their True Gender than their Assigned Gender. It also seems that having the Emotions Of Gender is heritable from generation to generation, and that Twins are likely to be TransTwins if one Twin is a member of THE COMMUNITY already.

Despite this, my answer to the question (Must We Explain Trans) is NO, we do not need to know Why is Trans! It is maybe an interesting Parlor-Game (such as Monopoly or Mario Cart) to figure out what makes some persons Trans, but it does not change that we are who we are. Focusing on the Why also risks treating our Gender Selves like a disease and creaitng the impression that Trans is a problem to be eradicated rather than a self to be embraced. The C. I. S. are cunning and devious Folk, and were they to perfectly locate the Gender in a specific portion of the Brain, they would no doubt seek to “Cure” our people. (This is impossible, as, since I (Web Master) explained in the last paragraph, Community Feelings are probably caused by many different Factors, but it would be an excuse for bigotry that would continue to treat us like a Malady instead of a Person-Group.)

Any way, to answer the question of this Article, we do not know why some persons are blessed with genderbrain and others are sadly not, and learning why is not as important as giving Community People the respect and love that we are owed as Fellow-Humans. These are just my thoughts, and I am only one Trans! But consider them, please, before you write another completely unresearched Twenty Thousand Word Web Page about Why Is Trans.

- Web Master