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Ho ho ho! Ho! Ho ho ho ho ho! Ho ho! Ho! Transsexual dot Website Christmas Landing Page

Santa's Greetings, transsexuals, cross-dressers, and so forth! Come in, come in, you must be catching a nose-cold in that chill. Gather up your frilly Dresses and sit here by the fire with me, for it is the Most Bible Time of The Year, Christmas! Yes, from coast to coast, East to West, even in St. Louis, all gender folk are cradling warm Tea-mugs, watching the snow-fall outside with the other members of their Polyamorous situation, and gaily singing Christmastide carols such as "Snow Is A Type of Hormone," "One of the Donkeys at the Manger Was Nonbinary and I Can't Prove It but It's True," and "Candy Cane Dilatin' (A Christmas Wish)"! And oh, what's this? Why, that's Kate Lynn Jennor at the door, Screaming a Christmas greeting at you and then complaining for a while about the Homeless! Welcome to that wonderful day when Jesus Christmas was born, here at Transsexual dot Website!

We have plenty of fun games, treats, prizes, snowballs and the Like to sate your Snowglobe cravings! Below, you may use your mouse or track-nub to select from:

Gift for the Transsexual or Transexuallette in Your Life

A Little Christmas Carol, for All Ages!

Transgender Christmas Tree Simulator for the Apartment-Dweller or Street-Urchin

Pay a Visit to Ol' "Santy Claus"!

What If The Newborn Baby Jesus Was a TS/TG/TV/CD? (Repost, Humor Article, FUNNY!)