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"Gift-Guidance" for the Transgenderist in Your Life This Christmas/Holiday

Looking for gifts for a transgender you know, whether from Church, the office, or Website? Well, look no further, wearied traveler! Transsexual dot Website (the web site you have hopefully set as your Home Page on Netscape) has a variety of gifts available for purchase from catalog or Internet.

Hormone: the preferred gift of every internet woman under God's Sun, these "gifts of the Mare" can be obtained at Expense from your local druggist with the aide of prescription, where they may easily be re-Gifted so long as you use a pen or Sharpy to remove your name from the label. If you would prefer to do an illegal action, however, many small Island-Nations through this great world of ours (planet) have started web-presences where Hormone may be purchased. If concerned about the Environment, do not gift wrap each hormone-pill individually.

Play Station: you may have heard that only cisvestites are allowed through the "Gamer's Gate" into the realm of Play Station. Not so! In the modern age, a trans or cis may equally use the Play Station Controller to gaily move monsters, gun men, and other such around the television screen. Some gender folk even do games on their Play Station while "dressed"! Yes ma'am, Play Station is the hot ticket item this Christmas, and it is no longer just for teenboys!

Bathing Mat with Contra Points: It is the dilemma every transvestite faces at some point in his/her/thems life: you have a Tub for bathing, you have a computer file of Contra Points' Twitter profile picture from last Year, and every time you exit the Bath your floor gets horribly slippie with water discharge. Thankfully, the honest American team at Red Bubbles has solved this issue, placing Miss Contra Points' face in the center of a hand-crafted Bathing Mat. It is available in multiple sizes and has a non-slip base.

A Nice Jacket, for Women: everyone deserves a nice jacket, even women! Especially suited for the trans who has had Tops Surgery and wants to ensure her surgery incisions do not get clogged with Snow in the wintertime.

Computer: while many visitors ot Transsexual dot Website of course own their own Computer, there are several who instead access this "Refuge on the Webs" via cyber cafeteria, library, or parent basement. For those fine t-folk, please consider gifting them a computer! Below, please find an illustration of what one gender reader of this Web Page was able to create on her home computer: a beautiful artistic rendering of gender dysphoria!


If you do choose to buy Computer for your loved ones, an act of great kindness would be to make sure they are "future proofed" with a machine that will be able to run Windows Ninety-Eight.

Three Hundred Tomato Seeds: Let us face facts: life in the United States is getting more difficult for Trans* individuals these days. While members of several "T-website" webrings have done a banging-up job educating the Cis Public about What Is Trans, the Harry Benjamin Association, poorly-drawn cartoon strips about Disphoria, the plight of "heterosexual crossdresser," and other matters of import to our people, politicans seem determined to strip away our gender rights. This is distressing, and rightly so! But, as any self-respecting t-woman who has distilled her own estrogen from the vaunted Yam knows, the only answer to these difficult times is self sufficiencing!

In that spirit, I have found a seller on Electronic Bay offering three hundred (300) "Goliath Hybrid" (much like the "hybrid" between male and female that characterizes Trans!) tomato seeds for only five American dollars. Assuming one tomato per meal, three such seed-packs will feed a trans-dresser for an entire year. Our survival is itself a form of Resistance, and I see no better gift to give your loved transes.

Discourse: this Christmas morn, why not put a smile on your wife/daughter/life partner/neighbor/dentist's face by giving them that most favored pursuit of the T-community, Discourse? Simply present them with a small cardboard box (perhaps "re cycled" from a recent discreet shipment of garters or hoisery) filled with slips of paper reading such things as, "Is It Transphobic To Pass," "Are Trans Women Socialized As Female or Perhaps Nothing," "How Many People Have You Personally Kept From Transitioning By Putting Your Hormone Start Date in Your Bio," "What If Transsexual Is Actually a Slur," and so forth. Delight for days!