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You have selected Light 4, the Coward's Demise!

String-Lights of the Sort Used by Idiots and the Worthless

Do you not care the slightest whiff about Tradition?? Have you never beheld the glory of a Normal-Tree bathed in the soft, sensual glow of Candle? You are just content to give Cis Society your money for their latest Trinket-trend, happily abandoning your Gender Elders, aren't you? You don't care that the best trees are lit by Candles. You only want what is Easy. I bet you are frequently kissing Jessie Signal on the lips, and also with tongue. Please do not continue with Tree Simulator. You may go to GIF Heaven and think about what you have done.

To return to Tree Simulator despite my recommendations to the contrary, please tap This Hotlink.