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Merry Christmas Morning, transsexual, and welcome to Transsexual dot Website’s highly acclaimed Santa Visit!

For this exercise, please imagine that you are a tot, totette, or txt of but Seven to Sixteen Years of age, and you have opted to visit the Macy Department Shop at the Mall with your mother in order to meet “America’s Elf,” Ol’ Santy Claus. He smells of North Pole and presents.

“Good afternoon, child!” says Santy Claus! (NOTE: Santy Claus does not say “good afternoon, TS/CD/DQ/TV” because it is not possible to tell if a young Child is a Child of Gender upon Looking. If you visited this page in order to experience being Clockered by Santy Claus, please click THIS HOTLINK.) “I am excited to decide what Present I shall purchase for you with my Candycane (Credit) Card! But first, I must subject you to Santy's Qustions. Do you consent?”

Yes of course, Mr. Beard Elf!
No! I would prefer not to. Take me elsewhere!