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Back in "the day," most homes, apartment buildings, and hotels were reasonable establishments that would let you bring in a Christmas-Tree, lit as if aflame with jaunty candles. Some might even let you dry it on your porch to keep in your oily-rag closet for next year! In our modern day, however, it is common for the Landlord to ban this joyous display of Christmas Brightness from homes! I suspect this change is because of Phones.

But no matter! Even if you are not able to put up the Indoor Shrub in reality this wintertide, Transsexual dot Website has on offer a precision Christmas Tree Simulator to replicate the experience. You are welcome! IF YOU ARE CISSEXUAL PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS CHRISTMAS TREE SIMULATOR.

First things first: observe the tree below!
It is the tree!
Beautiful, yes? Throughout history, the humble Tree has been considered one of the finer objects in the Nature world.

Now, time to select some Ornament! Please click below to look at the ornaments and imagine you are placing them atop the tree.

International Transgendered Online Magazine Memorial Ornament
Mickee Mouse-Pad To Hang on Tree
Christmas Stickers
A Transsexual's Ornament

Good, good! Now, time to wrap the tree in lights! Which of the options below would you like to use?

Candle Style Lights
Flash Light

Yes, this is proceeding apace! Congratulate yourself. You are "trimming the tree"! Now, on to the main event: the noble Present! Which of these gifts would you like to wrap and put in "the tree's basement"?

Harry Benjamin slide
Celeste Game

Finally, a Christmas tree is not complete without a "Christmas Star" atop it, to watch over the Household and frighten off intruders! Which will you pick to reflect your values as a Gender woman this year?

Normal Angel
Game Cube
Micro Wave

If you have read to this point, you have COMPLETED Transsexual dot Website's highly realistic Christmas-Tree Simulatron! Give yourself praise. You did very well! You are good. Happy Christmas!! Ho ho, Santa!