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The Whipping Girl, by Juliet Serrato

Perhaps the best exploration of Gender published this century! Dr. Serrato is very knowledgeable about the Cultural, Social, and Medical problems afflicting Trans-people. Like any doctor, she can only diagnose the problem; it is up to the rest of us to treat it! While some of the language is out-dated, this is still THE text to read for transwomen in the United States.

Vivian’s Little Encyclopedia, by Haizel Plant

The strangest, most beautiful, and most deeply affecting novel about People of Gender you will read this year. Recommended with highest praise by the Editors of Transsexual dot Website.

The Detransitioned Baby

This recent novel by a Tran is the "Talk of Town!" for its story and humor in the world of Gender. It tells the heart-rendering story of an Infant who makes the difficult choice to de-transition. Has received rave reviews from such outlets as and the Washington Post. I am currently waiting for my Advanced Reading Copy (presumably sent by the publisher to all prominent Web Masters of "T-Websites") to arrive in the mail so that I may post a Review of it on this Web Site.

Guide to Writing in HTML (Computer Language)

Help create a more interesting and vibrant Internette and build your own Web Site! If you do not want to learn the "computer's tongue", as it were, a soft ware package such as Microvision Web Expressed (ONLY FOR WINDOWS 95) can help assist you in making a Trans Web Page to call your very own.