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Locales and Outlets for Gender Clothes (Girl)

The Target

While it may seem a basic place to note as a place to find Gender Clothing for the newly arrived TransSexual girl, I am listing The Target and the next entry on this list for a very important reason: early in her transition, the intense TG/TV/CD/TS often finds herself purchasing only clothing of Expensive and Gaudy repute, such as grand ermine furs or collar-dresses from Mod Cloth. This may seem satisfying in the Moment, but as one transes, ones sense of clothes-style often changes with drastic force, one's body becomes "Damsel's Form" with Hip and Curve, and one is left having spent hundreds of United States dollars on clothing that is now ill fitting and dis-used.

A more produent option, in your humble Web Master's opinion, is to instead spend your early transition monies and traveler's checks on Basic Goods from retailiers such as The Target. There are legitimate Ethic Concern's to be raised regarding their clothes, but if you need to purchase Basics Staples such as black tank-top or brassiere for a small price, The Target is your place. Basic options that can be worn with many Out Fits will serve you even as your styling changes.

Old Dickerson's Navy

Despite its name, the Old Navy is not just for the mustachioed Homo-Sexual Men among us any longer! In fact, it is much like The Target in that it carries many basic articles of woman clothe for a small reasonable cost. Its denim jeans, most notably, are of low cost and are flattering to the Rear Buttocks.


While I cannot personally attest to the quality of Torrid's clothing, as I am not within its sizing range, I have heard from Gender Women of many years' friendships that the proprietor offers fashionable and chic clothing in sizes that transitioners often have trouble finding at other outlets. Their clothing goes on a sale often, so check their Web Site frequently! (Web Master Note: after some research, I have determined that Torrid is of no relation to Torrid Peters, famed author of The Detransitioned Baby.)

Thread Up!

Above, I mentioned it is my firm belief that the newly self-discovered Transfeminine Gender Entity should avoid purchasing expensive courtly clothings until their Style-Sense is fully cultivated. However, that does not mean you should not experiment! Discovering one's own Fashion Conscience can only occur when one is willing to try on strange and interesting new clothings. You should not buy custom fitted, expensive Dresses and Skirts your first year of transition, but you should certainly buy some pieces that are outside your usual Wheel's House.

In a typical year, I would recommend that the Toddler Tran, as it were, utilize the services of your local Thrift-Shop to find these articles. However, I have been informed by a friend that, due to a virus or bacterium of some sort, thrift-shops are not open at the present moment. No mattter, intrepid Gender-Naut (gender astronaut)! An on-line Thrift Shop, name of "Thread Up!", has opened to provide a similar service for an amenable price. Poke around, and you will find the dress of your dream's, and also more!