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Bitten!: A Nicolette Manes Mystery

A fascinating story of the Vampire-World starring the Young Actress of Transgendered Experience Nicolette Manes, this film is not unComplicated in its portrayal of a Child/Teen Trans and frankly, in quality of Screen-Play and Acting, often quite Bad. Yet it does accomplish something rare: it is a film where the Transgenderism of its lead is merely Incidental at most. She is a TeenGirl like any other, not distinguished from the likes of Milee Cirus and such simply by the matter of her Gender. More detail can be found in my Review of Bitten! A Nicolette Manes Mystery.

I'm Thinking of Ending Things

Perhaps the best depiction of Pre-Transition Dysphoria ever put to the so-called "silvered screen," this is the masterwork of modern Writing and Direction Boy Charles Coughman. Far be it from your humble Web Master to say why a Cissexualist such as Mr. Coughman could create a work of art that resonates so deeply with the TransGendered among us, but perhaps he would like to be sent some of my estrogen pills via the United States Postal Service?


While not without its share of Controversey for being yet another piece of Media made by a white cisgendered man about the lives of Black TransGendered Sex-Workers, Tangerines distinguishes itself by being at its Heart, an Old Style Screwing-Ball Comedy that treats its characters as human-beings rather than Symbols for the learnings of the cisgendered. (This is helped in large part by the fact that its script was written with serious In-Put from its stars, Mya Taylor and Kitana Kiki Rodriguez, and not just by its Small Director, Mr. Scotty Bakers.) And all this without even mentioning its most famous Characteristic: Tangerines was "shot" on a mobile phone (presumably a Motorola Razor or other such).


This delightful romp is beloved by Gender Folk near and far. Very pretty and stylish!