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Songs and Music of Various Types

Ezra Furmn

A song writer of much renown, Ms. Furmn is among the best rock-and-rollers working today and is my preferred "Transsexual Music Maiden," largely because she is able to sing about her own Trans with the fury and power and feral Joy that the subject deserves. Some songs of hers that are good to listen to are Wiggly, Drink Some Blood (Like a Vampire Might), and I Wanna Be a Girlfriend (the last of which inspired many many Gender Cryings when I was early in my journey towards Biological Female).

My Romantic Chemicals

Among the more preferred bands of the modern TG/TS/TV/CD, all of this nifty four-piece outfit's most notable compositions touch in one way or another on the lived experience of the gender community. This is, of course, because MRC's leading singer, Gerrie Wey, is a woman of Trans, as one may see on her Wikipedia.Org profile page here. Best tracks: all.

The Mountain Goats

No one knows why "The Goat Boys" are "TransGirl's Culture" – it is a Culture Mystery as unsolvable as Who Crafted The Rocks Of Stonehenge or When Was Cleveland Founded – but the fact remains that they most and truly are. Your dear Web Master enjoys the songs "Up, Wolves!", "Autoclave", and "The Mariner's Revenge Song".

The 100 Gecks

Many in the Community, my self included, are terrified of The Gecks. Their music is not Listenable. It is all Screeching and dread. I worry that the Gecks will find their way into my home one day. There are 100 of them in the name of their Collective, and yet only 2 are On Stage at a given time. The rest of the Gecks wait in the shadows for the day of reckoning. I do not care for The 100 Gecks, but one of the Gecks is a Transgendered who is very pretty so they must be included. Best tracks: the first ten seconds of "ATM Machine," which is all I can stand to listen to.