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Twitter dot Com

This well-known little Web Site is beloved by members of our cherished Community. Founded many years ago by Jack, a noted man of Gender, it is where all the TV/TG/CD/TS people of the world congregate to vigorously discuss matters such as Passing, Pronouns, Contra Points, Teenagers with Pic Crew Avatars, and Movies/TV. Create an account in seconds, then “Log On” to experience “Transsexual Twitter”!

Informed Consent Map

If you are planning on changing your physical form to meet the Flesh of the Spirit (Soul) via Hormone Medication, you may not want to undergo the traditional process of consulting multiple doctors for psychiatric evaluations and possibly years of waiting (known in the community as “Keeping the Gate”). Thankfully, our Gender Siblings and Sisters in the United States have access to the Informed Consent model of hormonal treatment, in which hormones can be acquired after only a short meeting with a medical professional to clarify that you understand the potential risks of medical transition. Erin Reed, a good friend of Transsexual dot Website, has put together a Map of places in this country that offer Informed Consent Hormones; if you appreciate it, be sure to let her know!

Reddit Trans Time Lines

A wonderfully inspirational Web Site for those who are anxious about their bodily potential to “cross over.” The fine folk of Reddit Trans Time Lines began their transitions from many different places but have found a place of beauty living as themselves. As community people like to say, “Hormones are a Wizard!”

Please note that Reddit Trans Time Lines is not without its flaws: it is heavily skewed toward Trans Woman, with little focus on Transmen or the Non-Binary, and like much of Trans Reddit it places a perhaps undue focus on Passing, Conventional Beauty, and Thinness. However, if you are embarking on the Spirit-Quest known as Traditional Binary Transfeminine Transition, it can be a great solace.

Gender Dysphoria Isn't What You Might Believe It Might Be

A fabulous Article by Miss Cassi Bell, a great thinking woman. This piece explores the many ways one may have Gender Dysmorphia and yet not understand what it was until looked at in retrospect. A choice read especially for members of the Egg Community who are pondering your own voyage into Gender.

UPDATE JANUARY 2, 2021: Miss Bell has written a new Article, entitled "A Map of the Gender Road to TRANS: One or More Tough Questions". It is her finest work yet and, like much of Cassi's work, an enormous boon to the Egg among us.