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F. A. Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Transsexual dot Website

Thank you for your interest in Transsexual dot Website! Please see our About page for more information on what Transsexual dot Website is.

Why did you make Transsexual dot Website?

While the TransSexual Internet is very strong and robust, with many fascinating Web Rings and so forth, I felt that gender people deserved another well-written Web Site that could help guide them on their Voyage through this great turbulent Sea we call Trans.

What is the difference between transsexual and transgender? Should I be using one term rather than the other?

Thank you for your question! But please do not ask me that.

I have heard that Transsexual dot Website was a recipient of the most recent Gay America Rainbow Award, for a website made by a Transgender. Is this correct?

Unfortunately, it is not. While Gay America's Web Site states that they are accepting submissions for their April, 2005 Rainbow Awards, it does not seem they have yet gotten around to reviewing ours. In recognition of this unusual Situation, however, and in confidence of our ability to win one as soon as Gay America updates their Web Site, we have decided to bestow ourselves this Temporary Rainbow Award:

This Temporary Award confers upon us all the Rights and Responsibilities of a Rainbow Award Winner. We are proud to be, as Gay America's Web Site puts it, "Transgenders who have made a contribution to the GLBT Web." Excelsior!

What’s next for Transsexual dot Website?

Many things! I plan to learn how to use C. S. S. (Cascade-Style Sheet) technology to enable a vibrant background and perhaps add color to the text for ease and pleasure of reading. I also need to put my Famous CUGIUTU Transsexual Question Test on here. Any modern website should have a section on Humor, and I feel it would tickle my fancy to upload hilarious E Mail messages I have received, such as Fifty Signs You Might Be a Woman, or What Women Think About Men In Secret. Finally, I would like to increase the number of flashing and blinking elements on Transsexual dot Website by fifty percent.

May I Link to Transsexual dot Website from my own Web Site or Web Log?

We appreciate you asking! You may not link to Transsexual dot Website from any other Web Site without express written permission.

How can I get in touch if I have a technical or moral issue with Transsexual dot Website?

Our robust Contact page has all the information you need.