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Gender Language and Terms for Trans: Glossary

TransGender: any person whose Gender of the Heart is different than their Gender of the Birth Certificate. If you have visited Transsexual dot Website for your Internet needs, you are probably A TG! :)

Cross Dresser: a person who dresses in the clothing of a different gender, but does not consider themself to be that gender.

Trans Vestite: a Cross Dresser, but in Latin for ease of comprehension.

GG: there are two distinct meanings for this term. The first one refers to a Good Game, such as might happen in Chess or Poker. The second (and the one used by Gender People) is in reference to G. G. Gorges, a much loved TransSexual woman known for her dry wit and Brilliant disposition.

TransSexual: please see our robust About page for more information on the distinction between the TransSexual and the TransGender.

Fem Boy: these Men of Discourse are welcome to browse Transsexual dot Website for as many hours as they wish!

Internet: a computer's insides. It's Soul, as it were!

"The Surgery": while there are many Surgeries available to Transpeople today (wisdom teeth removal, heart transplant), when someone outside of Gender World says "The Surgery" they are most likely referring to the morphing of the "woman's penis" into the "woman's vagina." Genderfolk ourselves rarely call this "The Surgery," opting instead to use one of many different and mutually exclusive Acronyms.

Chaser: typically Men and sometimes called "Trans-Sexual Amorous", these are a person or persons who are specifically sexually attracted to Trans and are not very adept at understanding Boundaries. We will not talk about them any more on Transsexual dot Website.

The Discourse: a common name for the cater-wauling and Screaming that occurs on Twitter dot Com on a daily basis. It is hated by all and is the main hobby of transgendered persons in the U. S. A. Subjects for Discourse include: Passing, Who Is Valid, Whether It Is Okay To Call People “Valid”, Socialization (Male or Female), Politic, Gender Binary, Hogs, You Tube, and Father of Bean’s.

Passing: short for “passing as a cissexualist”, this term of Controversy refers to when a CD/TV/TG/TS is taken to be a Cisgenderist of the gender they would like to be perceived as. Passing is a favorite topic of those who live within The Discourse, see article title of “A Note on Passing” for more thoughts from the mind brain of Lily (Web Master) on Passing.

Gender: person flavor.

Contra Points: a fashion woman who lives in the computer. My further thoughts on Contra Points can be found nowhere. Thank you.

Pronoun: a handy language aid for when you do not want to just say a person’s name over and over. The Pronoun is a matter of great importance to community folk, as it is suffused with Gender many time’s over. Examples of Pronoun include: he and him, ze and zir. A more complete list of Pronoun can be found at your local library or on Computer.

Egg: a "slang" term for the cisgendered users of Transsexual dot Website.