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Last Updated December 30, 2020

Pronunciation Situation

Hello! I am a cisgendered heterosexualed woman living in Texas. I am friends with a number of Queer Folk, but I am routinely embarrassed because I do not know how to pronounce the name of their community. How do I pronounce LGBT?

Dear Texas Missus,

First, I would like to thank you for seeking out a Gender Web Site to ask your question! Many people outside this great congregation we call Trans* are not aware of proper etiquette with queries of this nature. Trans People are constantly asked all manner of questions about our Sex/Gender Issue, such as What Is The Difference Between Transgender and Neil Patrick Harris, or Are Spiders Transvestites, and it quickly becomes tiresome. It is always best to practice good “netiquette” (interNET + etiquette), as you did, and to instead seek out an answer from a Web Site such as this one. (Many questions of this sort may already be answered somewhere out there, whether on a major site or someone’s personal Web Log; try looking for Gender Web Sites on a good directory like Yahoo to see if there are already resources to be found!)

To answer your question: it is pronounced LIG-bit.

Bright Blessings,


Fetish or Female?

Dear Transsexual dot Website, I live as a woman full time, and I’m medically transitioning, but other transsexual websites tell me I might just be a fetishist. Am I?

Dear Fetish Question Writer,

Unfortunately, many Web Sites on the Net that purport to give accurate and beautiful information about those who experience Gender are very outdated. Perhaps their owners are bitter that the modern Transwoman has more support than they did, or they are holding to outdated guidelines from the Harry Benjamin Association, or they may have simply moved to a place where Online access is not available and never updated their Web Site. Nonetheless, the fact is that these Web Sites reflect bigoted attitudes from previous generations, when Transpeople were not yet as accepted by society as we are now.

One of those attitudes is the Theories of Mr. Roy Blancherd, a medicine doctor who created a wildly incorrect categorization of Transfolk many years ago. Among the Tenets of Mr. Blanchette’s Doctrine is that Transwomen are “just fetishists” and are not truly Women-Spirits.

Without mincing words, this is bunkum of the HIGHEST ORDER. Mr. Blanchette knows nothing. If you find Soul-Peace from living as a woman full-time – being treated as a woman at restaurants and cyber cafés, commuting to the office park in a drab but functional blouse, and so forth – you are a woman. Fetishes are restricted to Arousal-Play by definition; this is your Soul.

I hope that this helps. Please stay strong, and Link-Back to me on your own Web Site if you have one!

Bright Blessings,


Sites for Gender Men?

Good afternoon! I have spent many hours searching the Web for resources for people like me, but to no avail. Why are there no resources for men with dysphoria who are still men?

Dear Transsexual,

You may be interested in visiting our Sister Web Site,

Bright Blessings,